Spotlight: Youth for Public Transport - Promoting Sustainability

Spotlight: Youth for Public Transport - Promoting Sustainability

Every so often, YOURS features an organization within its network that is carrying our exceptional work. Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) are an organization promoting sustainable transport in natural and urban environments. We feature their work here.

who we are

The purpose of Y4PT is:

  • To act collectively with the youth of the world to educate, disseminate,innovate and improve the urban world through the development of public transport, sustainable mobility and related issues (environmental and sustainable  issues, architecture, urban spaces, and social cohesion matters).
  • To protect the planet, natural and urban environments, to promote youth awareness on sustainability, to protect young people through better education and healthy living conditions, to reduce social and intercultural differences in the world.
  • To promote equity and solidarity.
  • To support intercultural understanding and active citizenship.

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Read more about Y4PT at their website here.

is acting through the following activity:

  • Advocacy through the management of our website and Social Media.
  • Youth participation in active politics and innovation through the development of Y4PT Parliaments and Laboratories at national and international level.
  • Writing papers and articles in the media.
  • Creation of innovative projects in the field of Transport, Environment,Social.
  • Creation of national and international events
  • Participation in forums, conferences, congresses, seminars.
  • Contacts and partnership with national and international organizations, Institutions, Governments.

Y4PT was thought up and is directed by Ms. ALESSANDRA GORINI. The Y4PT WORK TEAM supports her to get ahead the Organization and it is integrated by young people from all over the world, from different careers and age range who they are committed since the beginning.

YOURS and Y4PT Collaboration
YOURS will be joining Youth for Public Transport at the Y4PT Youth Meeting at UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition. Taking place in the United Arab Emirates this year. Read more about Y4PT in the MINE Secion.


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