Spotlight On: Youths for Road Safety Kenya - grass roots and youth led!

Spotlight On: Youths for Road Safety Kenya - grass roots and youth led!

Youths for Road Safety Kenya is a unique African organization which was conceived by young people and is led by young people. YOURS-K, as referred to by its members, operates in Nairobi, Kenya and has undertaken a range of projects to sensitize young people in Kenya and the African region as a whole.

YOURS-K is an NGO founded in 2010 by a small group of youths from Nairobi-Kenya who are bound together by their conviction that too many lives have already been and continue to be lost on our roads unnecessarily, and that there are already too many young casualties.

YOURS-K are convinced further that these unfortunate deaths and injuries can be minimized or completely done away with, with some discipline on our roads. The organization are kept on track by the following vision, mission and motto:

YOURS-K envisions a society that is enthusiastic enough to utilize the road to its full potential to spur both socio-economic and political growth and development while at the same time cautious enough not to turn the same road into a death trap.

To use all means possible to ensure that all road users arrive safely to their destinations. We hope to accomplish this through advocacy, research, collaborations and trainings.

MOTTO Respect for humanity, for the road and for the vehicle!

Their major target group is the youth who are statistically the most vulnerable.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES Our activities include: advocacy for road safety, organizing for youth assemblies to lobby the youth to own the road safety agenda as well as networking with several stake holders to try an influence road safety oriented policies.

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Kenya submitted many photos to the Embrace Life Campaign facilitated by YOURS-K.

YOURS-K recently ran the 3,000 Shoe Parade in Kenya which placed a direct link between road crashes and blood donation, road safety organizations YOURSK - Youths for Road Safety Kenya and the  Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) partnered with blood donation organization BloodLife to raise awareness of both causes simultaneously. This manifested in the 3,000 Shoe Parade.

Additionally, Ms Sheila Atieno, Coordinator of the African Region (Anglophone) in our CORE Group started her road safety journey in the organization!

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Winner of Embrace Life Campaign