Spotlight On: Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency - the road traffic system

Spotlight On: Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency -  the road traffic system

As part of the benefits from learning from one another's road safety projects via the YOURS global youth network for road safety, we like to periodically feature members of our network in a special Spotlight Feature. This time, we put the spotlight on the Slovenian Traffic Agency who work on all levels of road safety illustrating a road traffic system in action. We thought this spotlight would put this concept into a visible example.


Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (AVP) is a legal organization of public law in the field of road safety established on 1st September 2010. The agency performs regulatory, developmental, technical and other tasks regarding drivers and vehicles, analytical and research work in the field of road safety, prevention, education and training. It also performs independent investigation of the factors and causes of traffic fatalities and provides expert work for preparation and implementation of national program on traffic safety.

The agency assess, within its jurisdiction, road infrastructure safety, provides education and raises public awareness about new technical standards, solutions and other measures which contribute to a greater safety of all road users. Regarding these areas, the agency is involved in bilateral relations and various international organizations.

The Haddon Matrix
road safety system kit

On page 12 of the Youth and Road Safety Action Kit we focus on the Haddon Matrix, which covers the above elements of road safety in a 'Pre-Crash, Crash and Post-Crash' phase. The Matrix is a basic way to understand the factors that contribute to the number and outcome of road traffic crashes and we can use it to think how fatalities and injuries can be reduced.

The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency approaches this system with a clear focus on the first two areas of the Matrix while the post-crash area is addressed via emergency service agencies.

Its Mission:
Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency is the central institution for traffic safety. Its mission is to reduce the worst consequences of crashes (fatalities and injuries). Its mission and goals will be achieved by the effective implementation of legislative measures, by the national program and other acts and by encouraging road users to a more responsible behavior, respect for rules and awareness about the road safety importance, the provision of safer vehicles and road infrastructure.

Alongside its meticulous research and road safety investigative operations, the Agency also run preventative campaigns targeting young people and drivers across the age spectrum as well as the PSA featured in the right column!



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