Spotlight on: Drivers Edge UK - Young people and road safety in the UK

Spotlight on: Drivers Edge UK - Young people and road safety in the UK

YOURS conitues to put the spotlight on organizations who have recently joined our Global Youth Network for Road Safety and shared a high level of information. Drivers Edge UK  and the S.A.M.E Academy was recently introduced to YOURS and the story of Mr Wale Yusuff who translated personal tragedy into a sustainable road safety organization is one of great inspiration. Read about Drivers Edge UK and the S.A.M.E Academy here.

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The SAME Academy and Drivers Edge Launch.

The S.A.M.E Academy is a acronym for Safety Awareness Mentoring Education whichare the principles and values that underpin the work of this organization which is powered by Drivers Edge UK.

The Academy began when the founders friend died in a road traffic collision in 2006 which then sparked an interest into road safety and spreading a road safety message with young people.

Overview of Activities:

Young drivers are the most at risk road user with more than 2 of every 5 deaths involving young drivers. Driving is an extremely popular topic within young people aged 14 – 21 and no matter the barriers new drivers are faced with whilst attempting to access motoring, they are still making it onto the roads with approximately 1.4 million them taking their driving tests each year.

Mr Wale Yusuff, founder of the S.A.M.E Academy told YOURS, 'Our unique academy consists of a programme and interactive workshops & seminars designed to develop the mind sets and attitudes of young drivers and passengers (separate to the novice factor), highlight the key causes of road traffic collisions as well as providing the awareness needed to spot hazardous situations applicable to the young and new drivers'

The seminar typically lasts an hour covering the most relevant of our content within that time frame. On the other hand, the programme consists of 4 sessions typically lasting 50 minutes each with each week covering one aspect of the S.A.M.E acronym, using the remaining 10 or so minutes to have change over time or time for questions.

drivers edge workshop
The SAME Academy workshops with young people.

The Academy engaged through young people throught simple interaction, they told us the key to engaging young people is, 'Interaction, interaction, interaction. Once interactive and engaged the young people are intrigued and thus listen to the message we’re trying to get across'

In the future the S.A.M.E Academy are  looking into lesson packs, webinars and DVD’s to promote road safety messages more. This will allow them to deliver our seminars & workshops on various platforms.

Mr Wale Yusuff told YOURS, “Road traffic collisions is the single biggest killer of young people in the UK, a young person is killed or seriously injured nearly every day. Let us work together to break the stereotype and promote road safety. Safe is cool”

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