Some highlights for the Long Short Walk from our youth network!

Some highlights for the Long Short Walk from our youth network!

One of the key pillars of our activities here at YOURS is to unite young people all around the world. We aim to bring those incredible youth organizations, individuals, projects and campaigns around the world together to unite as one strong voice for road safety. Once again, this was visible in the our global youth and road safety network's involvement in the campaign for the Second United Nations Road Safety Week; The Long Short Walk.

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Since 2010, we have been running global campaigns for our Global Youth Network for Road Safety to engage with and illustrate to the world that young people from different backgrounds and nations are united on promoting road safety. Since the Global Road Safety Week, which took place from 6-12th May 2013, some members from our network have been sharing their involvement in the Long Short Walk Campaign, illustrating the incredible ingenuity and innovation by young people when it comes sharing a road safety message. Here we feature some of the activities shared by our youth members!

Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads on TV

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Over in Geogia, our network member and director of the Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads, Maya Kobalia took the Long Short Walk to national television! The alliance strongly believes that there is value for all - Georgian Government, local NGO's and Media – to continue working together in the area of road safety in order to further raise awareness and induce action.  Here's Georgian TV show ''Sxva Shuadge" hosting:

Maya Kobalia - "Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads", Exevutive Director Tea Shamatava -disabled after the road crash caused by a drunk driver Ana Barkaia - NGO ''Children of Georgia'', Phycologist  Giorgi Bichashvili - 112 [a 24-hour emergency response center that receives emergency calls from all over Georgia via united emergency number – 1-1-2], Director. Maya told us, "The episode from the TV show, dedicated to the Second UN Global Road Safety Week as well as to the Georgian road safety in general, will serve as a reminder to everyone that if we think carefully before we drive/cross the street, it can save lives". More photos are attached in the right column!

Pedestrian Walk in The Gambia

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Over in The Gambia, our network members from the National Youth Parliament of the Gambia and its strong youth and road safety advocate; Mr Siaka Dba held a massive road safety pedestrian march through the country receiving lots of national press and media attention. They engaged the Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure engaged with the project and supported the march. News clippings are attached in the right column along with photos of the event.

Vida Urgente hold Walk in Brazil

Over in Brazil, our network member Vida Urgente took to the streets of Brazil with YOURS branded signboards and engaged with people with their road safety message. They also included passing on road safety information to their fellow road users and seen in the pictures in the right column. They went about engaging a range of people and the picture above includes staff of Vida Urgente taking the walk for road safety.

A mutltude of events in Ugandakenya red cross

Over in Uganda, Africa, our regular columns Brian Bilal Mwebaze teamed up with the Uganda Red Cross to hold a walk alongside a range of other activities and events. As well as a football tournament, painting zebra crossing and a concert, in Uganda, they took lots of photos for the Long Short Walk Campaign. The music festival for road safety attracted lots of media attention and raised the profile of pedestrian safety in the country.

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