Sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety and #SaveKidsLives

Sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety and #SaveKidsLives

Now that the Save Kids Lives campaign for the 3rd UN Global Road Safety Week is live, we call upon you, the youth network for road safety to get involved. Pledge your name by signing the Child Declaration for Road Safety and show your support with a quick and easy #Safie!

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As with all campaigns at YOURS, we encourage full participation from our global youth network for road safety.

We call upon you, the dynamic, innovative and creative youth network to Sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety and encourage your friends, peers, organizations, family, co-workers and just about anybody who you can convince to take part.

Together, all the names will be delivered alongside the declaration to key decision makers who ensure that road safety stays in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

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Of course, before you sign, Read the Declaration.

After this, don't forget to take a #Safie with the Save Kids Lives signboard and get creative with the photos. All you have to do then is upload it to social media with the hashtag #Safie and #SaveKidsLives. It could not be easier!

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Here are some great examples of #Safies

lei yin
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

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Michelin Challenge Bibendum

fiafdn oct14 624
FIA Foundation in Kenya

We look forward to seeing your photos on social media!
You can follow the social stream on Twitter here



Read the Child Declaration for Road Safety
Read about the consultation behind the Declaration


Visit #SaveKidsLives website and get involved!