Shell China publishes road safety micro movie – In China, For China‏

Shell China publishes road safety micro movie – In China, For China‏

Our friends at Shell Oil recently shared their latest road safety project with us; a road safety film that has been produced with Shell workers to highlight the issue of road safety. It tells the touching tale of a young girl named Wei-Wei, who waited for her father to come home on her birthday and ends with some top tips of road safety. It is a poignant and unique approach in engaging the workforce of an company to promote road safety for the 'human' reasons; preventing heartache and loss caused by road traffic crashes.

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Do you know how many people are killed or injured in road traffic crashes in a single week? Have you ever thought about what YOU can do to improve Road Safety? Well, at Shell some of our China colleagues have found a smart way to promote road safety…by being a Shell movie star!

In June, the Shell China Country Leadership Team endorsed a special project to support China’s Road Safety education in a refreshing way. Now, after several months’ of hard work, the final product is ready to be shared.

Project Manager Bernd Marx says, “What has made this film special was that all the actors were Shell China employees and their families.”

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More than 100 colleagues and kids from more than 15 different Shell China businesses contributed to this Shell China Road Safety video with the aim to raise the awareness on road safety internally and externally.

What’s the micro movie all about?  We’re telling the sad story of little girl named Wei-Wei who lost her father in a tragic road traffic accident. The film gives a clear message about the importance of road safety in a natural, storytelling manner, while passing key road safety messages around Shell’s Life Saving Rules.

The great performances of the Shell China Staff and the whole atmosphere of the traditional Chinese culture make the message in the film so powerful. It gives food for thoughts on how we individually can raise the awareness of road safety to ourselves, our families and the public in general and for future generations.

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Shell China Road Safety micro movie – In China, for China is definitely a movie worth seeing, especially because its shows that road safety matters to all of us and that everybody has a role to play.

Click on the following link to enjoy the movie and share it with as many colleagues, family members and friends as possible. This is the first thing YOU can do!



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