Second Belize Training of Faciliators kicks off in Belize!

Second Belize Training of Faciliators kicks off in Belize!

In partnership with the Government of Belize and the Caribbean Development Bank, YOURS returns to Belize to train a second cadre of young faciltators specially selected from Belize's talented youth leaders. The training will train more than 16 youth to support the previous 20 trained last year to reach over 2,000 young Belizeans on road safety issues all aropund the country.

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Background to the Workshop

The Training of Facilitators (ToF) will take place over a two week period and is the full delivery of the YOURS programme to train a group of young people to become facilitators of their own youth and road safety workshops to run in the local community. The ToF was initiated and conducted by YOURS in partnership with the organizations named above. The training takes place from 1st - 12th June 2015.

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The training kicked off with an opening ceremony with words from Mr Erol Gentle, CEO; Ministry of Works and Transport. Representing the Government of Belize, Mr Crispin Jeffries; Cheif Transport Officer, Depart of Transport. Mr Floor Lieshout; Director of YOURS - Youth for Road Safety.

The aims of the training is to:

  • Increase young people´s understanding of the road safety crisis in Belize and the risks they face on the roads (e.g: speeding, distracted driving).
  • Promote and increase the involvement of young people in road safety efforts in Belize.
  • Build the knowledge and develop the skills of 18 youth leaders in order for them to implement their own road safety activities

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Part two of the training has already kicked off in Belize.

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The training commencing training a second cadre of youth in Belize as well as Junior Master Trainers.

Creating the Agenda

The agenda for the training was created in collaboration with the national partners in Belize  and it was with these partners that we chose the which key risk factors to focus on. Additionally, our local partners enabled us to access local statistics to localize the sessions. The training followed the unique stage process to couple theory with practise to give the participants concrete experience and build the skills they need to become effective facilitators. The stages were:


In this edition of the training, YOURS will train 'Junior Master Trainers' selected from the first pool of facilitators who will help to sustain the longevity of the programme and train new more facilitators moving forward.

Topics Covered

The training offered a high level of detail in week one on road safety theory and covered a range of topics which can be read in more detail here. The topics covered were:

  1. Facilitation Skills
  2. Peer Education
  3. Fundamentals of Human Learning
  4. Scope of the Road Safety Problem
  5. Youth and Road Traffic Injuries
  6. How Crashes Happen
  7. Key Risk Factors in Road Safety: Speeding, Drink and Drug Driving and Distracted Driving
  8. Communication and Public Speaking Skills
  9. Team and Trust Building
  10. Developing a Youth and Road Safety Workshop
  11. Evaluation methods

You can expect more updates from the training on the YOURS website shortly!

Training of Facilitators Testimonials - Extended Cut - Belmopan, Belize from Manpreet Darroch on Vimeo.



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