Second session of Youth Stars Programme tackles SR4S project structure

Second session of Youth Stars Programme tackles SR4S project structure

YOURS – Youth for Road Safety with iRAP – International Road Assessment Programme and the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety continues with the Youth Stars Programme with its second session on project structure launched last Monday, March 3. The programme is training over thirty members of the Global Youth Coalition. 

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Introduction to the Youth Stars Programme
When the Youth Stars Programme was initially released in 2019, it trained five young leaders to become Master Trainers capable of training fellow young people about the SR4S methodology and the star ratings tool. It utilizes the pedestrian component of Star Ratings to provide a measure of the contribution of road design to the risk of each pedestrian

screen shot 2021 03 24 at 4 27 36 pmNow the Master Trainers are training fellow youth leaders to use the Star Rating for Schools methodology and the Star Ratings tool.

The first session was launched a week before, on March 15. During the first session, Master Trainers Daniel Cano from Colombia and Minh Vo from Vietnam talked about what participants could expect from the Youth Stars Programme. Daniel and Minh also gave an overview of how the participants can use the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology and the Star Rating tool to improve the roads in their communities.

Project Management
The second session was led by Master Trainers Alex Ayub from Kenya and Shantel Jacobs from Belize. The session focused on the project structure behind SR4S. Alex, Shantel, and iRAP Global Project Coordinator, Rafaela Machado, gave participants some tips on how to ensure the success, continuity, and ease of starting a rating project through the SR4S methodology and the star rating tool.

Participants were also guided through the data collection process when rating roads. With the SR4S app, participants can establish a project that identifies the school zone to rate and eventually record the road features. Through this process, participants will be able to generate star ratings and upload the results.

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Apart from the technical aspects of the SR4S methodology, the Master Trainers also discussed the importance of following ethical and legal procedures.  

"Let them [the community and authorities] know exactly what you are doing and let them know how it will help the community" - Alex Ayub, Master Trainer

The Youth Stars Programme, sponsored by FedEx, trains young leaders to use and apply the Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology that was pioneered by iRAP. It runs for a total of four sessions, each held every Monday. 


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