#SaveKidsLives campaign launched for 3rd UN Global Road Safety Week

#SaveKidsLives campaign launched for 3rd UN Global Road Safety Week

The #SaveKidsLives campaign is the official campaign in the run up to the 3rd United Nation Global Road Safety Week which takes place in May 2015. In the six months leading up to the week which carries the theme of Children and Road Safetyt, the #SaveKidsLives campaign calls on you to show your support.

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Today we see the launch of the #SaveKidsLives campaign, a unique campaign that calls on the direct participation of the global community to show their support to enact road safety measures for children. Every day over 500 children are killed on the world's roads and thousands more are injured. This is unacceptable. The world is unitng to show that we stand up to save kids lives.

Principles of the #SaveKidsLives campaign:
Read it, Sign it, Show it, Deliver it.

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Learn how to take part in the campaign in just over one minute.

Read it: Kids the world over inspired this Child Declaration. They voiced their thoughts and fears about travelling on the roads. They said what they need to be kept safe on the roads.In a joint effort, the world’s experts also outlined measures that must be taken. Together we call upon decision-makers worldwide to take action and protect children. Let’s Save Kids Lives.

Read the Child Declaration for Road Safety.

Sign it: By signing the Child Declaration for Road Safety, you add you name to the list of supporters calling on the world's leaders to enact change for children in regards to road safety. Your name will be delivered to leaders and the more names we have the more weight our message has.

Sign the Child Declaration for Road Safety.

Show it: Show your support for the campaign by taking an easy #Safie:

  • Download the signboard!
  • Write your road safety message
  • Take a photo.
  • Share it on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Safie and #SaveKidsLives.

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Every month we will choose the #Safie of the month and show it on the website.

Deliver it:
In May 2015 the Third UN Global Road Safety Week will take place. Around then, we will all deliver the Child declaration to our local and global leaders.

To have our voices heard, we need as many people as possible to organise events where the Declaration is delivered to decision makers. You could organise events together with children at your local school, or with your community centre.

Maybe you can work together with the media, where the children can act as journalists while they hand over the Child Declaration to your local leader.

Visit the #SaveKidsLives website now and take part!



Read the Child Declaration for Road Safety
Read about the consultation behind the Declaration


Visit #SaveKidsLives website and get involved!