#SaveKidsLives Campaign continues on to Brasilia conference

#SaveKidsLives Campaign continues on to Brasilia conference

As you will know, we have been big supporters of the #SaveKidsLives campaign and have helped with its implementation over the past year. We are delighted to announce that the global community has really gotten behind the campaign and pushed the signature counter beyond half a million signatures! The campaign is to continue all the way up to the 2nd Global High Level Meeting in Brasilia, Brazil where the signatures and support will illustrate people's call to action. We are calling for road safety for all!

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Children and youth are among the most vulnerable on our roads. They inspired the Child Declaration, demanding action to make the world’s roads safer for everyone – starting with children.

In a joint effort, the world’s experts also outlined measures that must be taken. Together we call upon decision-makers worldwide to take action. Make our roads safe. Let’s Save Kids Lives.

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Read the Child Declaration for Road Safety.
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In November 2015 Governments around the world will meet in the Global High Level Conference on Road Safety. Sign the Child Declaration now. Support #SaveKidsLives and call for action worldwide on road safety.

By signing the Declaration you are helping to:

  • call for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide

  • urge decision makers to put road safety in place for kids and for all

  • support the movement for road safety led by children around the world

This Declaration is a call for action. It urges world leaders to commit to halve road deaths in the Post-2015 Development Goals. And it calls on Governments to take urgent action to save lives at the Global High Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia, 17-19 November. Kids everywhere must be protected on the roads. We call for road safety for all.

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Read about the Global High Conference on Road Safety

(If you want to collect signatures where there is no internet access, you can download the offline form here and send it to info@savekidslives2015.org.)

We call upon the Global Youth Network for Road Safety to continue the momentum for the #SaveKidsLives campaign!



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