#SaveKidsLives moves into the next phase of campaigning: #EveryLife

#SaveKidsLives moves into the next phase of campaigning: #EveryLife

As part of the campaigning team, we’re building on the momentum that campaigners helped achieve and today we’ a new phase is launching: the #EveryLife campaign. The campaign is stepping up to call for safe and healthy streets for every child – including air quality as well as traffic injury.

As a mission, the campaign states, "With your continued support, we will fight to protect every child worldwide from needlessly dying on unsafe roads or suffering lifelong health problems due to breathing in toxic air. Road traffic is a major health burden to children causing both injury and respiratory illness. We are calling for action!"

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#EveryLife calls for commitments to protect six fundamental child rights:

  1. the right to use streets without threat to life or health;
  2. the right to breathe clean air;
  3. the right to an education without risk of injury;
  4. the right to explore the world in safety;
  5. the right to protection from the violence of high traffic speeds;
  6. the right to be heard.



declaration coverIt is time again to call for real action, in every city, in every country around the world. We want action for every single child worldwide. We’re calling for action on a simple but powerful priority, one which has been neglected: A Safe and Heathy Journey for Every Child. This is a fundamental right for children but far too little is being done.

#SaveKidsLives, built a global movement urging action to keep children safe on the roads. Thanks to you supporter, and many others worldwide, our leaders made a global commitment to save lives on the roads in the Sustainable Development Goals.

This was a huge achievement – but there is still a long way to go! With your help we can achieve even more to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Your voice will be vital to get global leaders to commit to protecting the rights of children.

To support #EveryLife, enter your email address here: www.everylife.org
Let’s build on our momentum and push for further change

#EveryLife is the next phase of the #SaveKidsLives campaign. We’re collaborating with Youth for Road Safety who managed the first phase of campaigning. #EveryLife is a campaign of the Child Health Initiative www.childhealthinitiative.org