#SaveKidsLives continues its momentum with superstars and dignitaries

#SaveKidsLives continues its momentum with superstars and dignitaries

The #SaveKidsLives campaign continues to generate global attention with global superstars taking a moment to sign up the 2020 Action Agenda and take a #Safie. The latest high profile #Safies have been taken by music sensation, Pharrell Williams, USA's gold medal sprinter Johan Blake and United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon.



Mr Jean Todt takes a #Safie with Ban Ki Moon.

Pharrel Williams, the musician behind the smash hit "Happy" and other big hits alongside Johan Blake, Jamaica's gold medal sprinter met with Mr Jean Todt, the UN Secretary's Special Envoy on Road Safety and took a moment to pose for a #Safie!

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It's incredible to see people with such reach and global ifluence through their respective field of creative expression. Pharrell's 'Happy' was a chart topper in more than 25 countries all around the world and broke many records. Johan Blake, an olympic gold medalist sprinter representing Jamaica as well as a favourite for gold in the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics, also has a massive global reach and is a huge role models for thousands of young people around the world.

vintage le mans classic 2016 pharrell williams and yohan blake back savekidslives campaignPharrell Williams, Johan Blake, Mr Jean Todt and representatives take a moment for a #Safie.

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