RTIRN Small Grants Programme - Call for Research Proposals

RTIRN Small Grants Programme - Call for Research Proposals

The Road Traffic Injuries Research Network (RTIRN), along with support with the World Bank, launches the "RTIRN Small Grants Program". This program is set to support the work of RTI researchers in Low and Middle income countries. Offering grants of $20,000 - $27,000 for high quality research in the prevention of road traffic injuries. Read more below.


The Road traffic Injuries Research Network (RTIRN) is a partnership of over 785 individuals and institutions - Government, Academic and Non-Governmental from over 88 countries that collaborate to further research on the impact and causes of Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs) in low- and middle-income countries and to identify appropriate interventions to the problem.  The vision of the RTIRN is to reduce the burden of road traffic injuries, particularly in low- and middle-income countries through the promotion, conduct and utilization of research.

To achieve this vision, the network has set a goal of establishing networking mechanisms and assisting in the creation of partnerships between RTI researchers and institutions globally, as well as supporting research and research capacity in low- and middle-income countries. To this end, the RTIRN, with support from the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, announces a Call for Research Proposals under a Small Grants Program.

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You can read more about the small grants here.

Thematic Areas and Focus:

The overall goal of this grant program is to support high quality research to reduce the burden of road traffic injuries in low and middle income countries. Under this goal applications are encouraged (though not exclusively) to address the following themes:

  • The 5 pillars of road safety as described in the Decade of Action plan (see http://www.who.int/roadsafety/decade_of_action/plan/plan_english.pdf);
  • Epidemiology, risk factors and determinants of road traffic injuries
  • Interventions for preventing road traffic injuries (primary prevention, acute and continuing care, rehabilitation)
  • Economic and policy analysis of road traffic injury policies and programs

All valid scientific approaches – quantitative or qualitative – will be considered and must be appropriate to the goals and objectives of the study. The location of the study must be in a low or middle income country and projects are expected to last 1 year.

Number of Grants:8-12
Award Amount: USD $20,000-27,000 each award

Eligibility Criteria:
Eligible applicant should be a partner of the RTIRN (or can become a new partner) and be a national of a low or middle income country (see http://data.worldbank.org/about/country-classifications/country-and-lending-groups for a World Bank classification of low and middle income countries). Applicants must be currently employed by or registered with a recognized institution in their country of residence.

Program Requirements:
These funds may be used by recipients to cover the costs of research related activities including the following:

  • Field work (including fees for data collectors, interviewers and other field staff if employed as part of the study);
  • Equipment, software, books, and materials for research; and
  • Research related travel expenses for those recipients conducting field research in another site (grant funds may NOT used to support attendance at conferences). Travel for investigators from HIC, or for investigators to travel to HIC is not permitted.

Consult the full terms and conditions before you consider applying!

Full details of the small grants fund for research can be found here.



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