Road Safety Grants Programme launches call for proposals

Road Safety Grants Programme launches call for proposals

The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) wishes to announce a first competitive call for proposals for the Road Safety Grants Programme. The programme was initiated in early 2012 and the grants programme is part of the Road Safety in Ten Countries (RS210). Proposals will be accepted from organization working in nine countries covered by RS10: Brazil, Cambodia, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Viet Nam.

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The Road Safety Grants Programme was initiated in 2012 as part of the RS10 project, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and managed and administered by the Global Road Safety Partnership. GRSP is a hosted project of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.The purpose of the grants programme is to strengthen the capacity of NGOs to advocate for improvements in road safety policy and actions in order to reduce deaths and serious injuries as a result of road crashes.

The Road Safety Grants Programme aims to strengthen the capacity of NGOs as they advocate for improvements in road safety policies, and work to reduce death and serious injury resulting from road crashes. Priority consideration will be given to high-quality project proposals that focus on risk factors addressed by RS10 in the selected nine countries. Projects with a focus on road safety advocacy at a national scale will also be considered.

Details on the selection criteria and grants process can be downloaded directly from the GRSP website in eight languages here. A set of application documents are also available (in English only) for organisations who wish to apply. Please note that proposals from countries outside the RS10 Initiative will not be considered.

The deadline for submission of completed applications is Friday, 10 August at 18:00 hours, Central European Time. Completed applications fulfilling the selection criteria will be reviewed by an international panel of experts, and recommendations for funding will be made by an advisory working group.

GRSP encourage applications and the circulation of this newsletter to organisations meeting the stated requirements. Applicants will be informed by the second week of October if their application has been selected for consideration.

Visit the GRSP website to find out more.



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