One by One - a song for the World Day of Remembrance by iRAP

One by One -  a song for the World Day of Remembrance by iRAP

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is held on the third Sunday of November. This day is dedicated to remembering the many millions killed or injured in road crashes and their families and communities. 

We also pay tribute to the dedicated emergency crews, police and medical professionals who deal with the traumatic aftermath of road death and injury on a daily basis.

One by One has been a volunteer effort by iRAP and they are thankful to all who have contributed their talent and time.

One by one, the lives are lost

One by one, we mourn their loss

One by one, we count the cost

One by one is one too many



Music:  Simon Barlow and Aaron Schultz
Lyrics:  Rob McInerney, Simon Barlow and Aaron Schultz
Video Editing:  Jake Ryan
Inspiration & Images: Brigitte Chaudhry, Jeannot Mersch, Peter Frazer
Images:  Paul Wenham-Clarke (
Crash Footage:  TAC, Clemenger BBDO
Publicity:  Judy Williams & Briarlea Green

The song is a reminder of all the lives lost on the road. Sometimes crashes are presented as numbers, that we need to halve all road crashes by 2020. This means halving the 1.24 million people killed every day on the road. 1.24 million is not ust a number, it is an individual life lost in its own right; a unique tragedy that befalls family, loved ones, friends and communities. As its expressed in the song, one by on is one too many.

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About iRAP
iRAP (the International Road Assessment Programme) is the umbrella programme for Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) worldwide that are working to save lives.  Like many life-saving charities working in the public health arena, we use a robust, evidence-based approach to prevent unnecessary deaths and suffering.

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