The National Safety Council invites you to join their Road to Zero webinar

The National Safety Council invites you to join their Road to Zero webinar

The National Road Safety Council (NSC) is inviting all those interested to join the Road to Zero Coalition webinar to learn about how to make roads safer. National Coalition of Safer Roads (NCSR) president, Melissa Wandall, invited everyone to take part in the webinar so that people can listen, learn, and look at what’s ahead for the mission of safer roads in 2021 in the United States and beyond. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 4 at 2 pm Eastern Time. 

screen shot 2021 01 27 at 6 47 33 pmRoad to Zero Coalition
Road to Zero Coalition is a nonprofit and nonpartisan research institute managed by NSC. It has identified three major initiatives to reduce roadway fatalities; double down on evidence-based road safety strategies, help advance life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure, and adapt the safe systems approach.

In a report that lays out the strategies to end roadway deaths in the United States by 2050, the Road to Zero Coalition emphasizes that young people are affected disproportionately as road crashes are the leading cause of death for youth aged 15-24.

The report does not just list young people as victims of road crashes but as at-risk drivers who may be affected by external factors such as weather and other road infrastructures. It also notes how the perception of young people started to change as different sectors started to discuss health and transport with youth, teaching them about land-use policies and urban design that affects the community.

Keeping roads safe
NSC focuses on eliminating the leading cause of preventable death: road crashes. Apart from the goal of ending road crashes by 2050, NSC also has other initiatives to make roads safer for everyone.

In efforts to protect young people, specifically children, NSC manages the National Child Passenger Safety Board that certifies technicians to ensure children are secured safely on every ride.

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YOURS shares a similar mission in terms of its work to make the world’s roads safe for young people through meaningful youth engagement. YOURS believes that young people have a right to be adequately informed, consulted, and empowered on road safety as they are the most affected by this crisis.

The goal is to meet the road safety targets presented in the new Decade of Action for Road Safety by 2030.

"Youth are the main victims of road crashes and meaningfully involving them bene ts all parts of society. Through meaningful youth participation in road safety, we can empower young people to become the change agents of their communities. Who is better positioned to lead the charge for road safety from the grassroots up?" - Floor Lieshout

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