'My brothers and sisters' - Joel's road safety expression from Kenya

'My brothers and sisters' - Joel's road safety expression from Kenya

Back in 2012, Joel and small group of his contemporaries undertook the first ever YOURS Training of Facilitators workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Joel went away and trained hundreds of his peers across Kenya through his work with the Kenya Red Cross. As he delved deeper into road safety, Joel connected his passion for road safety with his passion to express through poetry. He recently submitted a poem entitled 'My brothers and sisters' to be featured here on the YOURS website as a periodic feature. He continues his commitment to road safety.


It is painful.
Writing these words of apology,
Making these late wishes,
I failed to help you survive.
For not being there to rescue you,
At least to have you;
Read these snaking phrases;
Nor can you see our tears.
Because you are far gone,
Earlier than your
And our wishes wished.

This letter goes to the millions,
Global sisters and brothers,
Thousands countrymen and women,
Suspended from us by this menace;
Of daily road traffic crashes
I mourn your absence
While trying to keep pledge
To protect your descendants;
Campaigning against loss of lives,
Through road traffic crashes

Today I am an advocate,
A preacher and a teacher;
Of safety messages;
Do not speed,
Speeding killed my brother.
Do not drink and drive,
It killed my sister and her in-laws.
Always wear a helmet,
Its non-use killed my cousin.
It prevents most head injuries,
And saves more lives,
But negligence has killed many.

I send this sorrowful message,
A tribute to your failed journey;
You left home but never made it back,
For road traffic crashes had taken you.
Our families and country mourns you,
For you can never be replaced.
Your presence always remain praised,
And to your honour and respect,
I pledge to take a duty;
Campaigning for road safety.

joel pic editedJoel Njoroge

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