MENTOR-VIP: Applications for 2014-15 cycle now open‏ with WHO

MENTOR-VIP: Applications for 2014-15 cycle now open‏ with WHO

MENTOR-VIP is a global injury and violence prevention mentoring programme. It has been developed through the efforts of WHO and a network of global injury prevention experts. Mentoring allows for skills development through exchange of experience between a more skilled or experienced person and a person seeking to develop those skills.

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MENTOR-VIP offers an opportunity for individuals committed to the injury area to further develop key skills. TEACH-VIP and MENTOR-VIP therefore have different objectives and potential target audiences while providing complementary approaches to capacity building.

MENTOR-VIP is designed to match mentees wishing to develop certain skills with mentors who have agreed to devote their time and effort to assist mentees develop those skills. Matching of individuals is made on the basis of the profiles of mentee and mentor and the overall principles and objectives of MENTOR-VIP. Once a mentorship is awarded the mentee and mentor jointly plan the activities that will be undertaken during the mentorship. A principle of the programme is that it provide a low cost model for mentoring. Accordingly, mentoring is expected to take place primarily through electronic and telephonic forms of communication and interaction. Mentorships are for a 12 month period and begin in September of each year.

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Awarding of mentorships and application process
Overall guidance to MENTOR-VIP is provided by the Core Group, which assesses candidatures and awards mentorships, discusses and recommends indicated revisions to the programme to WHO and facilitates important activities such as evaluation of MENTOR-VIP. The Core Group consists of 9 individuals from diverse backgrounds relevant to injury prevention and includes one WHO member. WHO coordinates the programme, financially supports the annual meeting of the Core Group, and assures all secretariat functions for the programme.

Prospective mentees must submit an application in order to be considered for a mentorship. The application submission is carried out online and is accessible through the link below. Applications are accepted from mid-February to mid-May each year. Candidates will be made aware of the decisions in June and mentorships formally begin in September. Individuals who apply to be awarded mentorships are encouraged to read all MENTOR-VIP documentation carefully, and to bear in mind that the limited number of mentorships awarded will be based on an assessment of the most appropriate match between mentee candidates and the available mentors as well as the overall principles and objectives of MENTOR-VIP.


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