Last week of #ArtforRoadSafety challenge takes place in Senegal

Last week of #ArtforRoadSafety challenge takes place in Senegal

The #ArtforRoadSafety challenge is now on its third and last week featuring Senegal’s first female graffiti artist, Dieynaba Sidibé (Zeinixx). She is known internationally for her mural work empowering women. For the #ArtforRoadSafety challenge, she focuses her message on slowing down emphasizing the fact that that it helps prevent and avoid fatal road crashes.



Through artistic intervention, the #ArtforRoadSafety challenge encourages young people to advocate for road safety in their areas and communities in exciting and creative ways. Zeinixx is one of the three African artists and influencers who are creating content to raise awareness on road safety issues around speed limits and proper helmet use.

Zeinixx, our last featured artist for the #ArtforRoadSafety challenge focuses her message on the importance of slowing down. Her message is “Save lives: Slow down”. To get this message across, she used a public space to display her graffiti which displays the number “30” along with the phrase “Daw ndank! Dal ndank!”.

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The “30” sign is a nod to the theme of the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week which was Streets for Life. It encouraged leaders to advocate and implement 30 km/h speed limits to create greener, healthier, and more livable communities.

poster senegal version 1 englishTo participate in this week’s challenge, you will need to recreate or reinterpret Zeinixx’s graffiti. Follow these instructions to join: (1) Conceptualize artwork that reinterprets or reproduces Zeinixx’s graffiti, (2) Draw your concept! You can draw it, sketch it, paint it, or create it digitally. Be creative and have fun!, (3) Take a picture of your artwork or record a video of yourself creating it, (4) Post the artwork in your channels and tag the Coalition, and (5) Use the hashtags #ArtforRoadSafety, #StreetsforLife and #Love30.

Every week since 6 July, the Coalition featured different artists with different challenges to raise awareness on different road safety issues identified by our local artists.

Check out our website to know more about the other artists and the challenges per week.

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