ISO - NextGen is tackling road safety for young people - join now!

ISO - NextGen is tackling road safety for young people - join now!

YOURS has recently partnered with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for their NextGen programme which focuses on youth and road safety issues. Road accidents are the #1 killer of young people world- wide. ISO NextGen - Road safety is looking for the next generation of experts to discuss the major challenges in this field and how International Standards might help. It has a sister project, ISO NextGen – Climate change, with similar aims.

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These are brand new projects for ISO and they are all about reaching out to a wider community of young professionals to discuss today’s hot topics.

What do I have to do as part of the project?

  • Be an active member of an online community using a platform to share ideas (via blogs, discussion forums, polls, etc.) and collaborate on a document outlining how International Standards can help to address the most pressing challenges in road safety. The platform will be open for 6 weeks starting from August 4.
  • Attend online events to open and close the 6 week period where guest speakers will discuss their ideas.
  • Explore how international solutions,such as International Standards, should be developed in the future.

  1. Can anyone get involved?

We’d like to hear from young professionals who repre- sent the future generation and are not already involved in standardization work.

The ideal profile for our participants is:

  • 25 - 35 years old
  • Qualifications – a formal qualification from a higher educational institution related to the subject area
  • Experience–5 years of professional experience in the subject area
  • Little to no involvement in national or international standardization activities
  • Demonstrated passion and vision for the subject area – takes initiative, thinks innovatively and influences others
  • However, if you are interested in getting involved and you don’t exactly fit these criteria, do let us know!


What will I get out of it?

Participation in ISO NextGen – Road Safety will help you:

  • Make contacts and interact with other passionate experts in your field of expertise
  • Make contacts with established international experts (from ISO committees and working groups)
  • Learn from guest speakers who will participate in the online events
  • Bring your ideas to a wider, international community
  • Influence the future of standardization in the sector and make a contribution to solving the most important global challenge in your field of expertise
  • Contribute to raising the visibility of the issue of road safety at the international level

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If you are interested in participating in the ISO NextGen - Road safety online community, please send an email with a few words about your motivation and a copy of your CV to Katie Bird (



ISO NEXTgen - Road Safety Brochure


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