If you knew how we saw you - 3 creative videos targeting UK youth

If you knew how we saw you - 3 creative videos targeting UK youth

As you will know, we are quite active on the Twittersphere and every so often, a Tweet comes along that has some awesome road safety targeted messages. This time, the campaign we are featuring comes from the UK and the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership. Three videos take a funny twist on a serious issue; wreckless and somewhat 'childish' behaviours on the road. As young people, sensation seeking behaviour or driving while distracted is not clever or funny and most people see it in a very annoying light.

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The West Midlands Road Safety Partnership teamed up B3 Creative www.b3creative.com and Napoleon Creative www.napoleoncreative.com to create a set of road safety short films focusing on how people really see bad road safety behaviour. Let's face it, most people are not impressed by reckless or immature driving, especially when we understand the risks on the road.

As you will be fully aware by now, youth aged 10-24 and in many cases up to the age of 29 are at the biggest risk of road traffic crashes in comparison to every other group. Many reasons form the factors as to why youth are at increased risk on the road:

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Young people under the age of 25 are the main victims of road traffic crashes worldwide. More young people aged between 15-29 die from road crashes than from HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis or homicide. This means that road crashes are a serious threat to youth no matter where they are.  There are certain factors that put young people are particular risk, they are explained here.

What do we know?
The statistics are clear and there is no doubt that the crisis facing young people is very real:

  • Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds, causing more deaths than HIV/AIDS or Tuberculosis.
  • Over 30% of those killed and injured in road traffic crashes are less than 25 years old.
  • Among drivers, young males under the age of 25 years are almost three times as likely to be killed as females of this age.
  • Most young people killed by road traffic injuries live in LMICs and are vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and users of public transport.
  • The socioeconomic condition of a family affects the likelihood of a child or young adult being killed or injured in a road traffic crash. Those from economically poor backgrounds, in both richer and poorer countries, are at greatest risk.


A range of humour inspired videos offer a serious message. Click on the images below to watch them or see them in the right column.




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