If you love somebody tell them to 'Buckle Up' a new positive ad from USA

If you love somebody tell them to 'Buckle Up' a new positive ad from USA

Zero Fatalities is a campaign in the USA that is transforming the narrative around saying 'I love you'... tell that loved one to 'Buckle Up'. A tongue-in-cheek, funny take on shifting language around road safety, this new public service announcement (PSA) tells parents, children, teens and adults alike that telling someone to buckle up is the equivalent of telling them you love them. What better way to promote road safety positively?

"If you truly care about the people around you, please advocate for seat belt use everywhere, every time".

The truth is, 17 percent of our population (USA) drives unbuckled and contributes to nearly HALF of our roadway fatalities. These non-seatbelt users include fathers/mothers, brothers/sisters, friends and grandparents. Help loved ones understand they should buckle up BECAUSE you love and care for them.




About Zero Fatalities

Zero Fatalities is a mutual effort from various states addressing the top behaviors that are killing people on America's roads. The focus varies by state, but include behaviors such as drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving, and not buckling up.

Within each state, various organizations contribute to the success of the Zero Fatalities program, including state departments, organizations and private businesses.

This extensive public education program is designed to convince adults, teens, children, community, business and political leaders why Zero Fatalities is the only number of deaths our nation should strive to achieve.

Drivers are adopting this philosophy through powerful TV and radio commercials, community events, web content, and local media stories. The Zero Fatalities program has been presented to and received endorsements from politicians, planning organizations, law enforcement officials, drivers ed instructors, high school counsellors and students, private businesses, city administration, and other community leaders.

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