Happy new year from YOURS! Looking ahead to 2021

Happy new year from YOURS! Looking ahead to 2021

2021 marks the beginning of the new Decade of Action for Road Safety. Global leaders have shown their commitment to reach the road safety targets according to the Sustainable Development Goals through the Stockholm Declaration which was created during the 3rd Ministerial Conference for Road Safety. To meet this ambitious target, the world has to deliver in order to halve the number of road-related deaths and injuries globally.

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The last year has shown us how important it is to have access to safe and sustainable mobility. Road safety connects not just with transport but also with education, work, the economy, and more.

ahlstrom 9455To continuously push the road safety movement forward, young people need to be involved. Youth have deep insights into the reality of road safety on the ground. 

Young people have described how road traffic injuries have affected their lives and how important it is to address this so that others may not experience the loss and tragedy that comes with road crashes. 


“While humanity is facing the coronavirus pandemic, we see the world coming together. Countries are working side-by-side and ramping up efforts to tackle this outbreak. And although it is uncertain how the world will look in the coming year, this might be the time to reset and reshape our future on how we travel for the better.” – Floor Lieshout 

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A new artwork has appeared in Birmingham by our 2nd World Youth Assembly resident artist, Mohammed Ali. It depicts 20 as the year of covid and some hope for 2021 that restrictions may eventually lift and enable us some freedoms again.

The work for safer roads and more sustainable mobility continues! We wish for a productive and successful 2021 in road safety and global development. Happy New Year! 

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