Happy Anniversary to the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety!

Happy Anniversary to the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety!

Today, July 7, the Coalition is celebrating the anniversary of its launch! The Global Youth Coalition was initiated by YOURS – Youth for Road Safety and is a direct follow-up after the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety. The Coalition unites individual youth and organizations for road safety and sustainable mobility and offers opportunities, skills, resources, capacity development, and partnerships for its members so that they maximize their impact on road safety and meaningful youth involvement in their respective countries and communities. 


Since its launch last 7 July 2020, the Coalition has gained over 500 members from 96 different countries worldwide. Empowering its members, the Coalition has been featured in multiple local and global events that highlight the role of young people in achieving the targets listed in the Global Goals. 


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Made possible by our partners, our members are empowered to take action to further road safety and sustainable mobility efforts through meaningful youth involvement.

”We are particularly proud to support the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety through our TotalEnergies Foundation program. We recognize that young leaders have a key role to play in advocating for safe mobility and in mobilizing around national and regional initiatives, in the frame of the 2021-2030 Decade for Road Safety. We also believe in joining forces, which is why TotalEnergies is for instance actively promoting the #ArtforRoadSafety challenge, currently going on in Egypt, Senegal and Uganda. Congratulations on the work done during this past year and please do keep claiming your space!” - Bruno Courme, Director of TotalEnergies Foundation

Since the beginning of its launch, partners of the Coalition have continuously expressed their support for road safety and meaningful youth participation. For the anniversary, partners have reaffirmed their commitment to the Coalition and its leaders.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. In 2020, The Michelin Foundation joined the Global Youth Coalition, giving support to the promotion of road safety among young people throughout the world. Based on the experience acquired during this year, thanks to the Youth Coalition work, we have a vision for a safer society and strive to achieve the UN goal of reducing road deaths by 50% in 2030” - Theodore Zreik, Corporate Public Affairs, Michelin Foundation


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Read about the events and activities members of the Coalition have led and taken part in by visiting our news page

Through our members and partners, the Coalition has created a strong group of youth leaders who are raising their voices and are joining together to ensure meaningful youth participation in road safety and sustainable mobility and are also taking evidence-based actions to empower youth leaders and reduce road traffic injuries in their communities. 



“The Coalition is family! It keeps me in the spirit of saving lives. This is home for me, the members and colleagues are amazing people full of innovative ideas. l always learn new things every day and trust me there are huge opportunities for growth.” - Tendekayi Marapara, Coalition Regional Leader for Africa 

The Coalition is a growing and thriving youth network of strong leaders working to keep youth around the world safe on the world’s roads. Get involved today by joining here.

We have some activities you could take part in to commemorate the Coalition’s first year! Click the link below!


Celebrate the Coalition Anniversary