GRSP - Mobilising Road Safety Action - Resource Centre

GRSP - Mobilising Road Safety Action - Resource Centre

The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) have published a great tool for use in your own materials and road safety activities. The Advocacy Resource Centre provides tools and training to build targeted and innovative road safety advocacy campaigns. Explore the content gallery for case studies, images, facts, sample social media posts and so much more.

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The following information offers a guide on how to use GRSP's Advocacy Resource Centre. If you are looking for specific information, data or resources such as images, videos that you can readily use, this Resource Centre is perfect for your campaigns and beyond.

The content gallery provides raw materials and examples of all types of content needed to manage your communications campaign efforts.

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The content gallery is organized via three types of filtering criteria:

Content Type Risk Factor Communications Channel
Search the content gallery by the type of content you’re looking for: Search the gallery for content related to a specific road safety risk factor Search the gallery for content related to a specific communications channel
Case Studies
Facts & Research
Messaging & Press Releases
News Articles
Offline Event Material
Sample Posts
Website Examples
Child Restraints
Drink Driving
General Road Safety
Website Examples


These criteria can be mixed and matched to display the precise type of information you’re looking for (e.g. a search could be limited to ‘Videos’ and ‘Messaging’ that relate to ‘Speeding’)

The site also contains additional criteria that can be selected to further refine or search the content gallery:

Tactical Area: content that represents strategic ‘tactical buckets’

  • Building Public Awareness: content related to educating the public-at-large
  • Mobilizing Public Action: content focused on public action to influence a decision-maker or decision-making process
  • Engaging Key Opinion Leaders: engaging highly visible individuals who can build greater awareness or influence decision-makers
  • Engaging Traditional Media: content to engage journalists, editors and others at media houses, television and radio stations and newspapers
  • Engaging Decision-Makers: engaging government officials who have a direct role in advancing the advocacy objective

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Risk Groups: content that specifically relates to a particular audience/affected population

  • Bicyclists: content relating to two-wheel, non-motorized transportation
  • Children: content relating to minors
  • Commercial & Occupational Drivers: content relating to professional drivers, including car services, taxi cab drivers, and delivery drivers, as well as any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paid passengers
  • Elderly Drivers: content relating to the elderly
  • Novice Drivers: content relating to those new and learning how to operating a motor vehicle
  • Passengers: content relating to occupants in/on motorized vehicles
  • Pedestrians: content relating to the interaction and relationship between pedestrians and motorized vehicles
  • Powered 2 & 3 Wheel Wheelers: all content relating to motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, dirt bikes, and 3-wheelers

Additional Tags: content that is tagged with a particular attribute

  • Campaign: used for multiple pieces of content related to the same overall campaign/organization
  • City: specific content used in a specified metropolitan area
  • Content Use: content intended to be used in your own communications materials or to be informative of a best practice/creative idea
  • Country: content originated from a specific country
  • Featured: content that is particularly exemplary and/or performed very well
  • Media: content reflective of Paid Media or Earned Media activity
  • Phase: content pertaining to passing a new policy or implementing an existing policy
  • Region: content associated with a particular geographic region

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