Global Road Safety Film Festival - Youth Category selection begins

Global Road Safety Film Festival - Youth Category selection begins

Thank you to all participants who submitted their road safety films to the Youth Category of the Global Road Safety Film Festival 2013. There were videos sent in from all across the world from Russia to Africa, from UK to Canada. The jury will meet tomorrow (23rd April 2013) and select the best film for Wednesday's Global Road Safety Film Festival.

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The LASER International Global Road Safety Film Festival entry closed on 20th April 2013 and we are happy to announce that films have been entered from around the world. The official list has been provided by LASER International which illustrates a great 'take up' from youth in our Global Youth Network for Road Safety and beyond.

Tomorrow, the jury will meet and YOURS will sit alongside selected jury members from the international field of road safety and communications at UNESCO Paris. The LASER International Global Road Safety Film Festival is the most celebrated film festival for the field around the world. It recognizes innovations in the field of film-making in transmitting robust road safety messages. This year, LASER International have teamed up with YOURS to present a brand new category to the festival; the Youth Category!

This category focuses on 'Youth Films for Road Safety by Youth' focusing on films targeted at young people or produced by young people with road safety messages.

The Festival highlights the priority themes of the United Nations; pedestrian safety, helmet, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, wearing seatbelts, the use of safety devices for children and improvement of road safety infrastructure.


This specialist youth category is the first time to showcase the films produced and we are calling on filmmakers in our network who have produced road safety films to submit them to the Festival.

An international jury, made up of personalities of global reach and experts in road safety will evaluate and select the films. Each document presented to the jury is evaluated on the basis of a specific criteria:

  • Intrinsic qualities (clarity and relevance of the message, adaptation to the target audience, quality and originality of the script and reproducibility)
  • Technical qualities (sounds, sound track, camera work, editing)
  • Cost effectiveness ratio
  • Youth appeal and engagement



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