Global Youth Coalition to hold first capacity development session this October

Global Youth Coalition to hold first capacity development session this October

YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, Dr. Etienne Krug - Director for Social Determinants of the World Health Organization will partner with the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety to hold the first series of Coalition Capacity Development Sessions. The session is set to happen on the 30th of October, Friday, at 3 pm CET. 


Providing Members with Updated Road Safety Information
The session will provide members of the Global Youth Coalition with knowledge and information about the main theories and concepts around road safety. It will also tackle road crashes as the leading cause of death for youth aged 15 to 29 worldwide.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to; identify key issues surrounding road safety – such as the main statistics and risk factors, identify regional trends in road safety across the world, identify key risk factors facing youth, and understand the safe systems approach and other evidence-based solutions.

martijn baudoin e8 teaizh2u unsplashThe capacity development series will use creative and interactive online and offline sessions where the Coalition members will strengthen their core knowledge on the road safety crisis facing the youth.

The session will help young leaders start thinking about creating and implementing evidence-based local actions and innovation strategies for global advocacy. It will discuss road safety and its connection with different areas such as health, education, inequalities, sustainable cities, and climate action.

The series is available for members of the Global Youth Coalition. 

The First Capacity Development Series
The first series is an introduction to road safety. It will first assess the initial knowledge the members have on topics around safe roads and sustainable mobility.

The session will talk about the global situation that young people face all over the world. It will update members on statistics from regional and global stats on road-related deaths and injuries and how these affect young people. A discussion on key road safety risk factors and key road safety interventions with evidence-based results will also be tackled. 

The session will be the first of multiple series focusing on different aspects of road safety.

Get the chance to join this session and future ones by joining the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety.

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