Get creative: Take a picture for the Long Short Walk with a designed board

Get creative: Take a picture for the Long Short Walk with a designed board

This year we have launched the youth edition of the Long Short Walk. So if you consider yourself an artsy type or if you love taking photos (both is even better), then this campaign is for you! All you have to do is download our board, either design it or not, write your message on it and take a picture.

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The Long Short Walk is a unique campaign calling for pedestrian safety across the world. It has been initatied by the Zenani Mandela Campaign and the Road Safety Fund, which aims to capture 'short walks' in your community and collect these captures from around the world and combine it into one 'long walk'.

Everybody travels to get to their destinations, whether to school, to work, to the shops or even travel just for the sake of walking. Unfortunately, some people's walks are incredibly unsafe; unsafe footpaths, bad lighting and poor road discipline, The Long Short Walk wants to capture these images to illustrate the importance of a 'Safe Walking' and to prioritize this part of a new global Sustainable Development Goal. Implementing pedestrian safety measures is cost effective, and many of the solutions are simple. It can be introducing pavements (84% of roads surveyed by iRAP have no pedestrian provision); providing safe crossing points; ‘calming’ streets with traffic humps, rumble strips and chicanes; and lowering vehicle speed limits in areas where traffic and pedestrians share the road space.

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YOURS is mobilizing the Global Youth Network for Road Safety to take part in this campaign! Our youth network members, Vida Urgente in Brazil submitted their photo against the backdrop of the Brazillian Carnival.

After the great success of the Embrace Life Campaign, which engaged young people from over 50 countries, we know that young people around the world can unite for the common goal of road safety, this is why we are using the platform of the Long Short Walk to engage even more young people to unite for road safety and take part in our contribution to the campaign!

So what does it entail?
The Long Short Walk is a photo exhibition but YOURS has added a slight twist to get your creative juices flowing. Simply download our 'I'm Walking For...' board, add your own message, add some designs to it if you are arty and take a picture of you holding it. You can also take a picture of your walk (highlighting whether its safe or not) and send it to us. We will brand the photos, add it to a unique YOURS exhibition as well as sending it to the global campaign to where it will be showcased during the Second United Nations Road Safety Week.

As with all campaigns that we run, we have added a competitive element. The most creative photos will be awarded with a special prize (tbc). Simple as that. Want to take part? Click on the banner below and see more information.

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