Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads: 1 minute tv spot on road safety

Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads: 1 minute tv spot on road safety

Our friends in Georgia from the Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads recently appeared on a TV programme '1 Minute' where people get the opportunity to speak for 1 minute on things they are passionaite about. Ms Kobalia, Diretor of the organization took a moment to talk about road safety and avoiding drink driving.

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Recently, Executive Director of Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads (GAFSR), Ms Maya Kobalia, a member of the YOURS network was featured on Georgian TV and given a minute to talk about an issue they are passionate about. Maya chose to focus on road safety, an issue that affects all generations. The show captured very succinctly, the need for Georgians to not drink and drive following up from GAFSR's drink driving campaign.

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Don't Drink and Drive!" was launched in the framework of the Georgia‘s First Lady's Healthy Life Style Initiative „Don't Worry, Be Healthy". The Campaign/Project is initiated and conducted by "Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads". The donors of the Campaign are: Company "Natakhtari", Insurance Company "GPI Holding", Toyota Caucasus LLC and the U.S. Embassy in Georgia. Road safety public-education campaign aims to raise public awareness of the problems that drunk driving can cause, and to reduce the number of crashes caused by drunk driving.

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The goal of the campaign “Don’t Drink and Drive” is to reduce the number of crashes caused by drunk driving, by changing the behavior of drivers through the public awareness campaigns and enhanced enforcement of traffic rules. There’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel when you’re drunk: not emergencies, not ignorance of the law, not "believing you hadn’t drunk anything", not... anything. Even one injury or death due to a drunk driving accident is one too many, because accidents due to drinking and driving are completely preventable!

The Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads have become an active member of our network with some fantastic submissions for the Long Short Walk at YOURS.

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