Fourth European Road Safety Day to take place in Cyprus in July

Fourth European Road Safety Day to take place in Cyprus in July

On 25th July 2012, YOURS will attend and is proud to co-chair the Fourth European Road Safety Day in Nicosia, Cyprus. This event will focus on the 'Active Involvement of Youth in Road Safety' as its primary theme and will offer a range of informational and interactive presentations, workshops and debates to youth delegates from across Europe.

The City of Nicosia in Cyrpus will be the backdrop for this year's European Road Safety Day.

On 25th July, youth delegates from across Europe will come together for one day in the sunshine city of Nicosia, Cyprus for the Fourth European Road Safety Day. This conference will have a strong focus on young people's involvement in road safety.

The event is being organized by the European Commission and Cypriot Transport Authorities alongside international road safety organizations. There will be numerous presentations from road safety experts on the latest developments in road safety in a European context as well as interactive discussions and debates on topics important to young people in Europe orientated on road safety issues. Of course a lot of young people from around the region have been invited, and many are part of the European Youth Network for Road Safety under the leadership of our Coordinator of the European Region Mr. Axel Druart (, who will also be a pannelist during one of the sessions.

european youth forum banner
Some of the delegates from the annual European Youth form for Road Safety have been invited to this event.

At the event, alongside the European Commisson and Cypriot Transport Chairs, Director of YOURS, Mr Floor Lieshout will co-chair the conference alongside representatives from the Cyprus organization, Reaction - Prevention of the Youth. YOURS' involvement in this event will bring a global road safety perspective to the table as well as the opportunity to present on YOURS' recent Youth and Road Safety Action Kit and young people's actively involvement in road safety globally and regionally.

Expert presentations at the event will include a focus on some of the following themes:

  • The creation of a common culture amongst European youth with road safety.
  • University of Cyprus findings on road safety research related to young people.
  • An interactive workshop on life-long learning and road safety education.
  • Key risk factors facing young people in Europe.
  • Enforcement and relationships between young people and youth with relation to road laws.

This Fourth European Day for Road Safety will be an interactive day of active learning. YOURS will of course be reporting in our usual style of video-reel highlights, pictures and written reports after the event!

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