Fixers are looking for passionate young people for road safety projects in the UK

Fixers are looking for passionate young people for road safety projects in the UK

With statistics showing that road crashes are the number one killer of young people in the UK, Fixers are taking action on road safety. Fixers are young people using their past to fix the future. They are motivated by personal experience to make positive change for themselves and those around them.

In 2018, Fixers are looking for young people age 16-25 to run a road safety project in the UK. 



Fixers have different backgrounds, interests and life experiences, and come from every corner of the UK. But they do have several important things in common. They are motivated by a desire to act on an issue that is important to them or a strong desire to help other people.

They also have a voice that they want to be heard, whether that’s on eating disorders, drugs, offending, cyberbullying or any other issue that is concerning them. Becoming a Fixer allows that to happen. Fixers are heard, understood and respected by others.

Fixers choose the issue they want to fix and, using the skills of a team of creative experts, they work out how to make sure their message is heard by the right people, whether that’s through a unique film, a leaflet or poster campaign, a website, an event or workshop. Then they use digital, print and broadcast media to make their voice heard as far and wide as possible Fixers win awards, meet their MPs and some have even gone on to set up their own charities.

A few years ago, we were involved with Fixers' Road Savvy Campaign. To have their voices heard, 20 Fixers and over 50 guests attended the 'Fixers Road Savvy Forum' at the Abbey Centre in Westminster.

p azs7v6The event brought together young people, politicians and road safety experts to discuss the biggest road safety issues facing the country today. Fixers from across the nation participated in a morning workshop session, brainstorming ways to improve road safety. The findings will be presented to the government in the form of a ‘Fixers Green Paper', following the Department of Transport’s decision to consult on road safety proposals.

In the afternoon, a panel of five Fixers – Jordan Bone, Manpreet Darroch (YOURS), Jen Byrne, Cathal O’Kane and Abi Phillips – used these ideas to answer questions from an audience of politicians and road safety advocates. The discussion was hosted by ITV presenter Nina Hossain.

Calling passionate UK based youth who care about road safety

Fixers is looking for young people, aged between 16 and 25 and living in the UK, interested in creating a project about road safety. Check out similar projects and if you are interested please contact