FedEx publish Global Citizenship Report - road safety is key!

FedEx publish Global Citizenship Report - road safety is key!

Our friends at FedEx in United States have published their Global Citizenship Report for 2014. FedEx is a proud supporter of YOURS and we have supported our work since 2014. The report gives a focus on the depth of FedEx's investment in communities around the world; they also focus on road safety.

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FedEx annual global citizenship report covers FedEx enterprise-wide strategies, goals, programs and progress across four key pillars: Economic Development, Environment, Community and People. Data in this report covers each of their operating companies and all geographies.

FedEx global citizenship is about connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully. More than ever, we are aligning our citizenship goals with our business goals—to create the most far-reaching, impactful programs possible.

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FedEx are one of the biggest company in the world with many trucks on the road. They care about road safety and invest in the cause.

FedEx's business goals include strategic acquisitions, new hubs, and enhanced services to create a more profitable FedEx. But just as important, achieving such business goals strengthens the link between emerging economies and the global marketplace. FedEx are creating social and economic benefits for businesses from South Africa to South Korea. Growing our operations expands the possibilities for companies of a few employees to those with thousands on the payroll.

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Last month, FedEx partnered with YOURS to run a pre-training workshop with NGOs at the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety meeting in Marrakech, Morocco.

Pedestrian and Road Safety

With more than 90,000 FedEx trucks on the road, safety is one of our core values and top priorities. Every day, more than 3,200 people lose their lives and 136,000 are seriously injured in vehicle-related crashes around the globe. Almost half of those are “vulnerable” road users, including motorcyclists, pedestrians, and children.

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FedEx have been working with Safe Kids Worldwide for over 15 years to prevent pedestrian injuries.

We share the road and the responsibility to make it a safer place by putting our logistics expertise to work. In addition to comprehensive internal driver safety policies, programs, and training, we support road safety initiatives around the world implemented by organizations such as:

  • Safe Kids Worldwide: a global network of organizations working together to prevent accidental injury.
  • EMBARQ: the World Resources Institute’s Center for Sustainable Transportation dedicated to connecting people to jobs safely and economically, including a Safety First driver training program in Mexico.
  • UN road safety programs: As a member of UN Road Safety Collaboration, we share safety information with governments, nonprofits, and businesses. We also support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety in its goal to save five million lives by 2020.

FedEx is a proud supporter of YOURS and our efforts to #SaveKidsLives around the world. They recently assisted YOURS in delivering a pre-training workshop on NGO and Corporate Fundraising at the 4th Meeting of the Global NGO Alliance for Road Safety. A member of the UN Global Road Safety Collaboration, FedEx has ongoing road safety initiatives in more than 10 countries worldwide and has reached more than 10 million children with lifesaving road safety education programs.




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