European Road Safety Tunes - a youth project for road safety!

European Road Safety Tunes - a youth project for road safety!

Our European friends are finding new ways to engage with young people on road safety. A new project, called European Road Safety Tunes has been initiated to combat 4.990 fatalities in the age group 15-24 in Europe. This is the reason why Safety Tunes will focus on the target group of young road users – cyclists, moped-riders, motor-cyclists and car-drivers – from 15-24 years.

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Saftey Tunes provides innovative Road safety actions for a new generation of young drivers: Safety Tunes strikes new paths in creating awareness about responsibility on the road. The project develops new methodology that incorporates social-art, peer-education, emotion and social media.

More Safety tunes teams will be active in 8 European countries, implementing workshops in vocational schools. The goal is to address young people on an emotional level, in order to create a sustainable awareness for life affirming and responsible behavior on the road. The general outcome should be to improve road safety by reducing young accidents, injuries and fatalities of young drivers by raising awareness for a responsible and social behavior in traffic.

Besides imparting facts and figures on road safety issues, the focus of the workshops is to create own statements and messages to road safety issues. From peer to peer, for a long save life on the roads.

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During the past years, many road accident prevention units have been implemented in European secondary schools. Moreover, risk management is often taught in a cognitive way by showing facts and figures. But research suggests that a more emotive transfer of social know-how is by far more effective. Emotional and creative methods can trigger a feeling of happiness and hence the learned experiences are more memorable.

The “Safety Tunes” methodology intends to transfer Road Safety know-how through peers in an emotive way by utilising “tunes”. These tunes convey sentiments, like enjoyment, harmony, conscience and vibrations framed within creative arts (music, painting, writing…). Emotive know-how transfer, peer-education and measures that are highly accepted by the target group, proved to be successful in changing attitudes and behaviour.

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