ERSC Contest 2012 - Do not leave it on the elderly - an article

ERSC Contest 2012 - Do not leave it on the elderly - an article

Recently the European Road Safety Charter finished its summer contest entitled, 'Be a Road Safety Blogger' calling on young people across Europe to submit a blog about road safety to craft a message targeting young people across Europe to engage them in road safety.  In this contest, our youth network member Mr Andrej Buday from Slovakia submitted an article of interest and we feature it on our site too.

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Do not leave it on the elderly - Andrej Buday Jr (Slovakia)

Dear reader

Cars bring us progress and driving brings us freedom. And what could be better combination of these than being young and having the whole world full of options lying in front of you? Young people from different states of Europe travel today as much as they have never before. Driving and riding a motorbike on short or long distances is so natural for youth that they do not even think about danger and risks on the roads.

Unfortunately, many youngsters consciously hazard with their lives and the lives of others when they drive. Some overestimate their skills; others just have a lack of appropriate driving experiences. We all know what the major problems of moving young people on the roads are: drunk-driving, speeding, not wearing helmets... But rather than writing you some moralizing words about these topics, based on me I will tell you two simple reasons why and how you can start fighting against them.

First of all, similarly to many other young people, I was also looking for a way how to improve things around me. I believe that greatness of the man is not measured by the amount of money that one can earn or spend, but it is measure by how much one can give to the others. Becoming a volunteer in anything is a good option for everybody.

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Andrej took part in our Embrace Life Campaign last year.

And secondly, if you like traveling and discovering new places, road safety is the best way how to get on the “ways”. Mobility and transportation is everywhere around us, so are problems and risk. Roads should be ways to exploration and great discoveries, not paths to destruction and death. High speed? Drunk driver? Texting and calling behind the wheel? React, contribute, take actions! It is that easy. Remember to be always polite and respect others. Direct involvement in road safety can have various forms, starting with helping in Red Cross first aid courses, over responsible parties in student organizations such as ESN, to looking after young Scout's wolf-cubs wearing safety vests during their outdoor activities.

Now I am giving you a chance to consider what you would like to change. Changing a society by fighting wind mills on local or government level is a race on long-distances. But getting on the way of change with road safety involvement is very quick. Do not leave it on the elderly, make change by yourself ! Next time just try to warn somebody who has not fastened his safety belt. You will see the change straight away.

Sincerely yours 
Andrej Buday jr.

Read the blog here at the ERSC website.


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