Eggs on Weed - Don't Drive High campaign from Canada

Eggs on Weed - Don't Drive High campaign from Canada

A new campaign from Arrive Alive Drive Sober and Ontario Student’s Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) gives focus to the use of cannabis while driving. It has been developed to address cannabis use and driving for youth in Ontario. Eggs On Weed just like to chill out and crack jokes. See what happens when they take their party on the road.

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Many teens mistakenly assume their ability to get awesome video game scores when they are high means they will also be more focused on the road.  But, 41% of drivers in recent serious crashes tested positive for drugs – so there goes that theory! Every joint contains different amounts of THC and can vary from 1% – 30%.  This is what makes driving high so risky.  You just don’t know what that joint’s gonna do to you.

Driving high is a Criminal Code of Canada offence, so you could lose your licence.  Or worse, suffer the embarrassment of having your Mom drive you everywhere.

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Need more proof on why smoking weed and driving is a bad idea?  Check out these studies for the straight goods:

Every time you go out with friends you need a game plan. Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna wear? But most importantly, how are you gonna get home?

Just like drinking and driving, it’s okay to admit that your driving skills are not “road worthy.” So make sure you always have a backup plan. Catch a ride with a designated driver, call a cab, or use public transit and you will be much more likely to arrive home in one piece.

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