Don't Take a Picture, Take a Drive! - youth campaign from Serbia

Don't Take a Picture, Take a Drive! - youth campaign from Serbia

A group of Serbian students recently shared their campaign video with us on the trend of young using social media behind the wheel. In their efforts to raise awareness, the girls have created a campaign video focusing on "selfies" behind the wheel. Check it out here.

Students studying Traffic Engineering with a focus on road traffic safety, in their pre-exam period worked on a special road safety campaign project; shooting video and creating the preliminary design of posters.

The aim of the campaign is to point out how dangerous it is to use a mobile phone while driving, whether for communication and especially when taking photos a.k.a #selfies. Although the Law on Road Traffic Safety allowed the use of hands-free devices, it is not considered completely safe and recommended that the mobile phone is not used while driving.

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The video that the girls have created follows a them on a typical journey out.

In our society, more and more young people use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, and every day on these networks put their photos taken in different situations.

There are several examples around the world that shows that when recording or photographing passengers in the vehicle, driver's attention is not focused on the traffic situation, and that this led to the emergence of a serioues traffic crash. One second of inattention can cause the occupants of the vehicle lose their lives or sustain life long injuries in traffic crashes

One of the author videos, Sanja Despotovic, says she and her colleagues came to form this idea because they realized that this situation while driving more frequent and that greatly affect the occurrence of accidents among young people 16-30 years, who are the most common users of social networks.

One photo should not be more important and more important than safe participation in traffic and should not interfere with safe driving.

The campaign "Don't take a picture, take a drive!" points to the danger of using mobile phones while driving and the consequences that this behavior can cause.

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Check out the video here or check it out in the right column.

Communications Officer at YOURS, Mr Manpreet Darroch said, "This campaign is one of those fantastic organic ideas that come from young people who see a problem in real life and do something about it. In this case, the #Selfie behind the wheel can be a serious distraction! I applaud the girls in Serbia for their innovative campaign and illustrating once again how youth care about road safety and the welfare of their peers"



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