Delft Road Safety Course applications now open

Delft Road Safety Course applications now open

Our friends over at the Delft Road Safety Course have opened the applications for their new course, which takes place in September 2016 in the Netherlands. This renowned course offers a robust, multi-faceted insight into road safety and offers scholarships for people in low and middle-income countries. Find out more.


The new Course on Road Safety in low and middle income countries has been opened for registration. The two-week course is offered by Delft Road Safety Courses (DRSC), hosted at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, in association with the FIA Foundation. Both organizations can build on several successful years of running this and similar training programmes.

DRSC is a cooperation between Delft University of Technology, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, Delft Post Graduate Education and Road Safety for All. The objective of DRSC is capacity building for road safety professionals in low and middle income countries by transferring knowledge on effective road safety strategies, action plans and projects. The annual Road Safety Course in Delft is one of the core activities, besides on line learning, organizing similar courses abroad and supporting training and research programmes in LMIC's. FIA Foundation is supporting DRSC.


The course is targeted at road safety professionals from LMIC’s who are or will be active in road safety for some time during their professional career.

Participants may have a background in engineering, behavioural sciences, public health, law enforcement, transportation/land use planning, statistics, economics, public policy etc. 

Potential participants may, for instance, (aim to) play a role as lecturer or trainer, or be affiliated to road safety policy and research. They may work for central or regional public authorities, for international organizatons, in the private sector, as a consultant, at universities, research institutes, police or NGOs, etc.

 Thus students at universities will not be admitted.

Those who are interested in participating are invited to submit a motivation letter. The course leader will decide on admittance to the course based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic or higher professional education, preferably master degree, with relevance for road safety
  2. Strong position in road safety policy and/or research, preferably at a regular permanent post
  3. Mastering the English language
  4. Motivation shown in the motivation letter

In addition we put a limit on the number of participants from a country (max 2 or 3).

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The course will be held at 11-23 September 2016 in Delft, the Netherlands.

In the last 40 years the Netherlands has established a leading position in the field of road safety. Its mortality rate in traffic is now one of the lowest in the world. This is the result of an integral approach in which science, research, road engineering, enforcement and governmental policy have all played their part. In terms of concrete results, this means that over this period of 40 years, in spite of a huge growth of traffic (250%), the number of fatalities has declined by over 80%.

Please visit for more details. There you will find all information on the programme, the target groups, the registration procedure and scholarship opportunities. The new website also shows other activities of DRSC aiming at capacity building in LMICs: supporting educational programmes in those countries or offering tailor made courses inspired by the course in Delft.

"The best course ever, with 20 participants from 17 countries: Iran, Armenia, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, Vietnam, Romania, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Nepal, Algeria, Cambodia, Morocco" - testimonial.

Please feel free to share this announcement with other people who might be interested in participation. You can also contact for further information.



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