Deadline EXTENDED for Global Film Festival - Youth Category

Deadline EXTENDED for Global Film Festival - Youth Category

The deadline for the LASER International Global Film Festival closes. The deadline has been extended to 20th April 2013 (for free) to the Youth Category of the festival. If you've created a film for road safety, now is your chance to get international recognition from the global road safety community for your work.

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As you may know, the LASER International Global Road Safety Film Festival has a dedicated 'Youth Category'. This category is especially for road safety films created by youth and films created by others targeting youth. Any road safety film that fits this basic guideline is eligble for FREE entry to submit your film to the festival saving up €150 per entry!

If you win the Youth Category, your film will be given international recognition at the festival taking place at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris on 24th April 2012. All youth entrants are also offered free entry to the festival saving a further €50 per entry!

You don't have long left to take advantage of this opportunity, the deadline for entry to submit your video to jury for the festival is 20th April 2013.

Are you a film maker that has made a film for road safety and young people? Maybe you're a youth organization for road safety that have created films, adverts, documentaries or other films to promote the cause? You may even be a government organization, a university, a school or other institution that has created a film for road safety.

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As the deadline has been extended, you have a little longer to submit your videos but don't wait too long!

As long as the film is based on road safety and relates to youth (either they have created it or it is targeting youth) then you are eligible to submit your films. Submission time closes at 5pm GMT on 20th April 2013. More details are available here.

We look forward to seeing you submissions!


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