Coming soon: Global Youth and Road Safety Research Hub!

Coming soon: Global Youth and Road Safety Research Hub!

In our mission to always be relevant and useful to our Youth Network for Road Safety, we have teamed up with key researcher Ms Kalkidan Mulugeta to create a new Global Youth and Road Safety Research Hub. This hub will compile data from around the world on youth and road safety topics compiling an international resource point of journals, studies, research and case studies.


As the phrase goes, 'There's no point in reinventing the wheel' and this is very true when it comes to forumlating new ideas, new solutions to pressing issues and new ways of tackling the public health problems we face on a daily basis. So when it comes to road safety, with our combined mission of saving lives, its always a good start to see what is already out there, which information exists on the topic and how a particular issue was or could be tackled.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to find out what already exists in the world, especially in terms of road safety research, academic resources, case studies and journals. This is one of the reasons why YOURS has teamed up with key researcher Ms Kalkidan Mulugeta, Public Health Initiatives Research Associate and Master in Public and Community Health to create an international research hub focusing on road safety issues relating to youth categorized by the Regions of the CORE Group.

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Ms Kalkidan Mulugeta has joined YOURS as Research Officer to compile the Global Youth and Road Safety Resource Hub

Kalkidan explains, My role will be to effectively contribute to the building of the research arm at YOURS. Worldwide, injuries and fatalities that result from Road Crashes are on the rise while the causes are multifaceted.

Do you have research that you could share with Kalkidan for our research hub? Then email her at

I’m drawn to Road Safety for various reasons; as a public health researcher who hails from a developing country, I understand that Road Crashes impact the rate of economic growth, this is evidenced from the 18-49 age bracket of people who are at the highest risk of death from a Road Crash, and represent the working class.

Developing a research hub for Road Safety is essential for information exchange, awareness and improving best practice. I believe that a research hub will improve and enhance the advocacy on the ground, in addition, it will capture Road Safety work that is often underreported. I envision an online space to share current research, and exchange work from our Road Safety peers. I’m looking forward to joining YOURS, and believe that my passion and YOURS’ vision aligns in connecting, and highlighting the academic work done by fellow peers in Road Safety.

More details about the Global Research Hub will be made available shortly.




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