Claiming It! Listen to the official anthem of the Global Youth Coalition

Claiming It! Listen to the official anthem of the Global Youth Coalition

The Coalition’s official anthem, “Claiming It!” produced by Youth Arts Movement Uganda was officially released last Friday, August 13, during a live steam event called “No more youth tokenism!” for International Youth Day. The song features Uganda artists Hawa Nanjobe Kimbugwe, Kwagala Esther, Profet aka “Prince of Africa”, K. Mukwaya Meshack aka “Vann Mesh”, and “Words of Wake”. Watch the video and read the lyrics here:

screen shot 2021 08 20 at 2 07 25 pm

I am more than just a statistic,
Thanks to my existence, the entire society can now be optimistic about the future.
But, with all these road crashes, how do you expect me to get to my future? Ah.
My father used to say work hard and make your life an easy one,
But the road to my destiny is not an easy one,
They say that life is what you make it,
But how will I make it when decision-makers won’t let me be a participant!

I can see what is happening to mother nature,
Climate change is all around me,
I don’t need a lecture, (NO)
I don’t wanna seat back,
I wanna take charge, All I need is opportunity
It doesn’t take much!

These streets are my only hope, to the future-
Will you walk with me
Stand with me, Coz- 
I won’t stop claimin it
Stop blamin me!
Youth Voice 
– [Mehn] Claimin it
Safer roads- [Yo] Claimin it
Safe Space, Safe Space
Claimin it, clean air- [Whaat!] Claimin it
Stop blamin me, t
here’s no planet B!
Safe roads, safe roads -Claimin it,
My dreams Yooo
Claimin it x3


Zebra crossing
Zafuuka decoration,
Kiki ekili mweno nation.
Kuby’enkozesa yekubbo
Abavvuzi n’abasabazze
Amateeka kukubbo
Nago gakwasibye
Maama Africa
Okusanyawo Obutonde
Kutema tabbi gwe kw’otudde
Abavubuka nadala abakyaala twetaaga participation Mukukola decision
Ez’eno generation.

Cos, we are the youth of the world, We need our voices to be heard, We’re working together,
To make the earth better, with good roads to ride on, Clean air to breath in,
A better place for you and me-

screen shot 2021 08 20 at 2 09 39 pm


We need a seat with the leaders,
Not on the side with cheers,
Our influence is bigger than older Fears! 
That’s why we drive on the road on full gears, 
Over million youth parish it all brings tears,
Climate change, save our green earth space,
Young minds can combine to save our race,
Ecosystem is all at stake, Emissions from cars not given us a break! 

The youth don’t drive so clear,
No seat Belts on, Slow Down-
Speed Kills out there!
Give us a chance to speak,
We can articulate the facts,
Work with us more,
We can surely reduce the deaths!

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