Check out our video report on the Belize Training of Facilitators 2014

Check out our video report on the Belize Training of Facilitators 2014

Last month, YOURS parntered with the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of Belize to run the training of facilitators in the region. A two week programme introducing 19 young Belizean leaders to road safety and facilitation, we have captured the two weeks in a short video with participant and partner testimonials!

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With the support of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in partnership with the Government of Belize (GOBZ) last month, YOURS successfully completed a two week Training of Facilitators undertaken by 19 bright, passionate and inspiring youth leaders from across Belize.

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The training, part of a wider 20 month educational project existing alongside major road infrastructure and law enforcement upgrades comes at a time where young people are the biggest affected group in relation to road traffic crashes. The national road safety project sees the development of several major highways and the illustrative 'road safety corridor' which will be created as a beacon for the rest of the country to follow suit in safe infrastructure. Belize alone has 22.2 inhabitants dying per 100,000 citizens; a high proportion of road deaths in the world and one of the highest in the Caribbean. We place this in comparison to other countries such as The Netherlands which has a ratio of 3.4 per 100,000 and the UK's 3.7 per 100,000 citizens.

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Our video report gives an insight into the two weeks from week one to week to: theory to practice.

The video gives an insight into the rationale of the project starting with the facts that face young Belizeans in terms of road traffic crashes and the startling numbers of deaths in comparison to other countries. There is also an from partners on expections and, on reaching the conclusion of the training, how the participants felt about the workshop in general.

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The number of deaths in Belize make it one of the highest death rates per 100,000 citizens in the region.

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Click here to watch the video in HD, alternatively, you can see it in the right column where you can also see our extended cut participant testimonials!






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