Check out a podcast interview with our youth champion Jacob Smith

Check out a podcast interview with our youth champion Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is an inspirational young man, having been victim of a road traffic crash, he faced a crossroads, to get better or bitter. He chose to get better and has been inspiring young people across America and the world for years.

He joined YOURS as a Regional Coordinator for North America and  Taskforce Member organizing the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety, amongst many other things. He recently participated in a podcast interview highlighting his story with Room 9 Media.

Room 9 Media was started in 2011 by John and Denise Billington. They have years of experience in safer and sustainable travel, communications and education.  They have been developing new and exciting resources ever since.

Right from the start, their objectives have been simple: to tackle the issues children and families face on the roads. So whether it’s pedestrian safety, parking problems or sustainable travel, they seek to deliver a memorable message that’s both relevant and engaging.


Room 9 Media recently started a new podcast amidst the pandemic, to hear from voices across sustainable transport and road safety. In episode 3, they spoke with our Head of Communications, Mr Manpreet Darroch about his road safety journey and the work of YOURS and in episode 5 they spoke with Jacob Smith.

On Twitter, Room 9 Media said, "Take a listen to our inspiring podcast with Jacob Smith from YOURS about how a road traffic crash affected his life and how he's become an advocate for safer roads...".

Listen to the podcast here: