Caribbean CORE Group Rep at Third Caribbean Regional Congress

Caribbean CORE Group Rep at Third Caribbean Regional Congress

The International Road Federation is proud to announce that the 3rd IRF Caribbean Regional Congress will be held in Port of Spain, Trinidad, May 7–9, 2014. The Congress will be hosted by the Ministry of Transport of Trinidad and Tobago and endorsed by the Caribbean Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Global Road Safety Facility of The World Bank.


The third edition of this event will serve as a means to deliver world-class knowledge resources and practical guidance across shared transportation challenges, including road safety, infrastructure asset management; urban development & mobility; and funding transport Infrastructure. It will bring together regional and local industry stakeholders from government, academia, multilateral banks, civil society, and private sector to help find solutions to the region’s transportation challenges.

Our CORE Group Representative for the Caribbean Region Mr Erland George will be attended the event and has been invited by the Caribbean Development Bank to represent YOURS at the event.

The International Road Federation
is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks.

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Erland George's attendance builds on our work in the area since our training in Saint Lucia 2013 with the Caribbean Development Bank.

Working together with members and associates in over 90 countries, the IRF promotes social and economic benefits that flow from well planned and environmentally sound road transport networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from national road investments. The IRF plays a major role in all aspects of road policy and development worldwide.

For governments and financial institutions, the IRF provides a wide base of expertise for planning road development strategy and policy. For its members, the IRF is a business network, a link to external institutions and agencies, such as the United Nations and European Union, and a business card of introduction to government officials and decision makers. For the community of road professionals, the IRF is a source of support and information for national road associations, advocacy groups, companies and institutions dedicated to the development of road infrastructure.

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Read about our work in the Caribbean includin the Caribbean Youth Declaration for Road Safety 2013

With a wide network across over ninety countries on six continents, the IRF believes that it can make a difference by providing best practices and expert advice to today’s multi-faceted world of transport.




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