Brian's Column: Road Safety Advocacy Opportunities from Africa

Brian's Column: Road Safety Advocacy Opportunities from Africa

Our regular columnist Brian Bilal Mwebaze is back with another column, this time with opportunities for advocacy action in Africa. From East to West Africa, Brian is shares the latest ways you can push for road safety in the region. Read this and more Brian's columns!

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From the brightest and arguably the windiest part of the continent, hello!! It’s been shining like crazy the whole of June in Uganda. But it’s been cold in Nairobi and very cold (if you don’t mind me saying) in Cape Town. Could this be the thirsty and ugly outcomes of climate change? Well, you can bet your last dollar on it, but it has something to do with the emissions from our vehicles: But wait, let’s give the cat some mice, shall we?

Speaking about the Cape Town, you may not have heard, but calm down, we (at Youth for Road Safety) are not about to go for a wedding there, but rather the Global Road Safety Partnership- 3rd Africa Road Safety Seminar taking place in August 2014. For details about how you can register for this event, voila… I will be bringing you interrupted updates from and prior to the seminar. Keep your eyes glued onto our Youth for Road Safety website and enviable social media handles.


Just a quick eye in the pot, we will make a presentation on the ‘Role of African Young People in Road Safety’, and all this wouldn’t be possible had it not been for GRSP’s Elna VienKerk and my local organisation:-the Uganda Red Cross. Currently, I am making a hell of a presentation on the best practices, and if you would like your organisation to be highlighted especially on young people and road safety at no cost (ofcourse), please contact us before night falls.
Over to West Africa, La Prévention Routière Internationale- an International organisation that supports road safety activities in Benin, Mali, Niger and Cote D’ivoire shared this photo on their wall, and it gunned 1114 shares in 10 minutes: a record!

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Lets turn the steering wheel to the most beautiful part of the continent..shshshsh! #EastAfrica: There is a big event happening, and friends from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda et Burundi must never miss out! Ladies and gentlemen, the East African Regional Safe Communities Conference 2014. The regional integration couldn’t come any earlier! Apply for your scholarships on the website beginning July 5th! Don’t say, we didn’t tell you! (winks)

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Don’t forget to join the consultation on localizing the #Post2015 Development Agenda and include road safety! The recommendations emerging from your contributions will ultimately inform the final report of the consultation on localizing the Post-2015 agenda, and will be presented to key decision-makers and leaders deciding upon the post-2015 development framework and feed into the United Nations Secretary General Report.

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And you could say this again! Or did you know already? Never mind but the UN Post-2015 ‘Zero Draft’ includes health target on road traffic injury  - See more here. As always, #StaySafe Follow Brian on Twitter.


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