Brian Bilal Mwebaze steps in as interim regional coordinator for Africa

Brian Bilal Mwebaze steps in as interim regional coordinator for Africa

Recently our Regional Coordinator for Anglophone Africa Mr Raymond Obouyo informed us that he was to retire from his post on health grounds. We thank Raymond for all his great work at YOURS that he did in his short period in his role and we continue to be in touch with him. In the interim, we have appointed YOURS well known advocate Mr Brian Bilal Mwebaze.

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Mr Brian Bilal Mwebaze is YOURS' regular columinst on road safety issues in Africa and also a strong advocate for the youth and road safety cause around the world. Brian has worked closely with all regional coordinators in both cohorts and so is the perfect choice to step in as interim regional coordinator for Anglophone Africa on the resignation of Raymond Obouyo.

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This means that for all information relating to African issues in Anglophone Countries (English Speaking), Brian will be the first point of call as well as an authority on youth and road safety issues in Africa as a whole.

The CORE Group 2014-2016 is made up of 10 youth road safety leaders from around the world who act as Coordinators of the Regions (CORE).

They represent every region of the world and work to be closer to young people on the ground, to offer regional support, resources, opportunities and are integral in YOURS' work to develop youth capacities in road safety. The CORE Group bolsters our Global Youth Network for Road Safety through the appointment of Coordinators of the Regions from around the world. The CORE Group will be YOURS' first point of call for their respective regions in will help to expand the network as well as offer specialised support to the regions with regards to road safety issues.

Brian extends his role at YOURS. Read his columns here.


The represent the following world regions:

  1. African Region: Anglophone
  2. African Region: Francophone
  3. Caribbean Region
  4. Eastern Mediterranean Region
  5. European Region
  6. North American Region
  7. Russian Region
  8. South American Region
  9. South East Asian Region
  10. Western Pacific Region

The CORE group explain their roles and grouped them into three key areas of focus:

  1. The YOURS Global Youth Network for Road Safety: 'To improve what we currently have'- to expand, share more information about youth and road safety projects and create a thriving quality network.

  2. Coordination and Guidance: 'To improve what we currently do'- of youth and road safety initiatives in every region consisting of coordinating and guiding activities, YOURS capacity development programs and creating regional information hubs on youth and road safety activities.

  3. Advocacy and Promotion – 'To be heard and seen more' – for YOURS to have a known and heard network worldwide and to reach out to the media more frequently.


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