Beyond the Driving Test - Tire safety and maintenance from Michelin

Beyond the Driving Test - Tire safety and maintenance from Michelin

YOURS Founding Member Michelin has recently published a brilliant guide to tire safety called, 'Beyond the Driving Test'. Automobile accidents are the No. 1 killer of teens in America, with 5,000 deaths each year. What’s more, of the 2.2 million accidents per year among inexperienced drivers, 12 percent can be attributed to tire related issues, such as insufficient tread or pressure. Even so, few driver’s education programs offer instruction on tire maintenance and safety.

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Because many of these accidents are preventable, Michelin and FIA have joined together to launch a new campaign, Beyond the Driving Test, to raise awareness of tire maintenance and safety. This will make available resources designed to initiate conversation between parents and teens, and among teen drivers and their peers. The two organizations will also be working with national groups and state organizations to meet the goal of having all 50 states include some form of tire safety information in their individual driver’s education curricula by 2020.

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Infographic: Click here for an eye-opening infographic on whether driver’s education is failing our teenage drivers and not adequately preparing them for the road.

Glove Box Guide: Click here to help teens take control of their vehicle’s routine maintenance by downloading and printing out this handy guide for the glove box.

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