Belizean Youth for Road Safety continue action with youth in Belize!

Belizean Youth for Road Safety continue action with youth in Belize!

Over the last two years, we have been working youth leaders in Belize to stimulate sustainable action for youth and road safety issues in the country. Part of the Caribbean Development Bank's all encompassing road safety project in Belize, we began our work with youth in Belize in 2014 and since then, they have gone above, beyond and further to take change forward for road safety!

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One of our massive successes in capacity development and empowering youth is the two year programme established in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Government of Belize (GOBZ).

Check out the Belizean Youth for Road Safety (BYRS) promoting their work:


Having seen our ground breaking workshops in action at the VYBZING Forum in Saint Lucia, CDB approached YOURS to help them reach their goals to educate and inspire young people to take road safety action in Belize. These efforts were part of the Bank’s wider all-encompassing road safety project, which focuses on improving Belize’s infrastructure, emergency response, enforcement and education.

Floor Lieshout, Executive Director at YOURS said,

"We are so inspired to see our Belizeans champions taking the initiative beyond all expectations. They are a symbol of the power of youth to make change for road safety! A torch of change that energize the road safety revolution in the country"

We realized this mission by establishing a strong partnership with the government, universities, youth groups and media and to train 34 young facilitators over two years. We trained two cohorts, one in 2014 - one in 2015, and took young leaders from Belize through the full YOURS interactive workshop experience. These facilitators successfully trained a futher 2000+ youth in road safety by the end of 2015. This year, we will be returning to Belize to wrap up our final review visit and work with BYRS on sustainable growth.


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