#ArtforRoadSafety Challenge kicks off in Egypt with artist Elna2ash

#ArtforRoadSafety Challenge kicks off in Egypt with artist Elna2ash

The #ArtforRoadSafety challenge kicks off this week, July 6 to 8, in Egypt featuring local artist Ahmed Fathy (Elna2ash). Art for Road Safety is the first challenge for safer mobility on the African continent. It will be held in Egypt, Uganda, and Senegal with the purpose to change behaviors and empower young people to raise awareness on road safety through artistic intervention.

Three African artists and influencers will share their talent by creating inspiring content on two road safety issues: observing speed limits and wearing a helmet. The artists selected are Egyptian graffiti artist Elna2Ash, Senegalese graffiti artist Zeinixx, and Ugandan dancer Robert Ssempijja.


screen shot 2021 07 05 at 5 38 43 pmThe first week will focus on the graffiti art of Elna2ash. Elna2ash is an internationally celebrated artist. His work represents famous Egyptian figures through graffiti in the streets of Downtown Cairo. His message is ”Respect the speed limit and save lives”.

To participate in this week’s challenge, you will need to reinterpret Elna2ash's graffiti by painting, drawing, or sketching it based on your interpretation. You can do this manually or digitally.

Follow these instructions to join: (1) Take a picture of your artwork or record a video of you creating it to post on your social media channels, (2) Post the artwork in your channels and tag the Coalition, (3) Use the hashtags #ArtforRoadSafety, #StreetsforLife, and #Love30

The next two weeks will feature different artists with different challenges to raise awareness on different road safety issues identified by our local artists. Make sure to follow the Coalition to stay updated on the #ArtforRoadSafety challenge.

"The process of empowerment is endless. We will keep saying that youth lives matter by all means and that no language is better than art to express ourselves and our demands. On the personal level, I was honored and enjoyed each and every step of this project" - Shehab Abou-Zeid, the NADA Foundation, Egypt 

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