Are you you this kind of driver? New PSA from Australia

Are you you this kind of driver? New PSA from Australia

Our Regional Coordinator representing the Western Pacific Region also works for RACQ - the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland. One of their missions is to educate Australians on the risk of the roads and this new PSA places the spotlight on frustrating drivers in a non-road setting.

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Drivers need to stay alert for the entire time they are behind the wheel. This means scanning the road environment, processing information and making decisions about the primary task of driving. However, keeping drivers’ minds on the job is easier said than done. RACQ have released a new PSA entitled, 'Are you this kind of driver?'.

However, the twist lies in the fact that rather than asking the question of vechile drivers, the video depicts trolley drivers in a supermarket. Instead, all the frustrating traits of intolerant, distract and road raging car drivers are placed on trolley drivers showing how ridiculous road behaviour really is.

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RACQ research shows tailgating, mobile phone use while driving and aggressive behaviour like verbal abuse and gesturing are some of the most frustrating driver habits on the road. So why does it continue?

“You don’t behave like this at the supermarket. So why is it okay on the road?”

For more information about the PSA you can contact Regional Coordinator for the Western Pacific Region, Mr Joel Tucker. You can also read a factsheet on combating distracted driving from RACQ here.

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